Dr. David Rosengrant


Interim Director of Education at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus

Associate Professor in STEM Education

I earned my B.S. in Astro-Physics with a minor in Geology from the University of Pittsburgh. I learned towards the end of my undergraduate studies that working in the physics education field was my calling.

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Video Game Physics

As a result of the formation of a professional learning community through our Noyce grant I am working on how to use students interest in video games as a hook to help students learn not only various physics concepts but also higher order critical thinking skills.
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Physics and STEM Heroes

Physics typically faces low enrollment in undergraduate degree programs. It is no surprise then that the number of minorities in physics is also low.
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Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Bring the next generation of technology into your classroom with augmented and virtual reality. Utilize the Merge Cube to keep a hands-on experience while learning about force and motion. Discover our app and ways to use it.
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Initiatives and Resources

See what is happening in STEM education in general with me and USF St. Petersburg campus.
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